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Nanotechnology involves the development of applications using particles within a size-range of 1-100 nanometres. It is one of the most dynamically growing branches of industry today, increasingly interwoven with many areas of our daily life (electronics, paint manufacturing, cosmetics, sports equipment etc.). Not only has the word “nano” become a brand name in public consciousness but the dramatic rise in the application of nanotechnology has led researchers to estimate that by 2015 the sale of nanotech products worldwide will exceed 2.6 billion USD.

NANOBAKT Ltd. was founded in 2008 by private individuals in order to initiate research and development as well as production in the field of nanotechnology in Hungary. Our main projects include different applications of nano silver (additives, Nanosept disinfectant, prosthetics) as well as the development and manufacturing of titanium nanotubes and nano iron.

Whereas the application of nanotech in Hungary has yet to reach the standard accomplished in developed European countries, our aim is to help to introduce as many competitive nanotechnological products on the Hungarian market as possible by offering products of our own design in addition to nanotech solutions developed for various branches of industry.