Silveric titanate nanotubes

Silveric titanate nanotube is based on the hydrothermally synthesized titanate nanotube having an average diameter of 5-8 nm and length upto 100-500 nm depends on the preparation parameters. Silverisation is based on a special ion exchange reaction led to silveric titanate nanotube. Generally, silveric titanate nanotube has 5 mmol/g silver content, which value can be easily tuned for customer demands. During the ion exchange process the tubular morphology is not changed (Fig. 1.).


Fig. 1.  TEM images of raw (left) and silveric (right) titanate nanotubes


As XRD pattern shows (Fig. 2.) the raw trititanate crystal structure is remained after the silverization process. Extra reflection at 8,15° show the presence of layer expansion due to the sodium and hydrogen ion exchange to silver.


Fig. 2. XRD patterns of raw and silveric titanate nanotube


Ag-TiONT can be used in antiseptic paints and coatings, where the antimicrobial effect can be enhanced with the outstanding hiding power and the photocatalytic activity, also. As Fig. 3. shows self-supporting silveric titanate nanotube based films resistant for 4 microorganism, while the surrounding place are fully covered by such germs.


Fig. 3. Antiseptic effect of Ag-TiONT product