Colloidal Silver

The majority of companies manufacturing cosmetics strive to create products that contain as many natural ingredients as possible. In the course of developing various bath gels, liquid soaps, shampoos and other products, they attempt to find preservatives made up of natural components that have no detrimental impact on human health. Due to its antiseptic properties, silver colloid is perfectly suited as a preservative in body lotions, bath gels and other cosmetics because it destroys microbes that reproduce in such products. Silver performs a double function: in addition to its preservative effect, it can also be used as an active bacteriocidial agent in antiseptics.

Our company has developed an additive with a silver content of 500 ppm (0,05 w%). When added in portions of 6 % during the manufacturing process, this material ensures a lasting shelf-life for the given product. The efficiency of silver colloid was tested on body lotions, and these tests revealed that the preservative effect guaranteed by the antiseptic properties of silver particles could already be observed with a silver content of 30 ppm. In contrast, micro-organisms multiplied freely in control samples that contained no silver particles.

The results and assessment of tests studying the antimicrobial efficacy of body lotions containing various quantities of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs)


The image shows that 6% colloid (30ppm Ag) not only killed bacteria, but fungi as well. The silver colloid concentration was 500 ppm.