Silveric titanate nanowire

Silveric titanate nanowire is based on the hydrothermally synthesized titanate nanowire having an average diameter of 50-100 nm and length upto 1-10 micron depends on the preparation parameters. Silverisation is based on a special ion exchange reaction led to silveric titanate nanowire. Generally, silveric titanate nanowire has 5 mmol/g silver content, which value can be easily tuned for customer demands. During the ion exchange process the wire-like morphology is not changed (Fig. 1.).


Fig. 1.  TEM images of raw (left) and silveric (right) titanate nanowire


The raw trititanate crystal structure is remained after the silverization process. Color of the product depends on the ion exchange concetration and duration (Fig. 2.)


Fig. 2. Silveric titanate nanowires with different silver concentrations


Ag-TiONW can be used in antiseptic paints and coatings, where the antimicrobial effect can be enhanced with the outstanding hiding power and the photocatalytic activity, also. Fig 3. show a complex antibacterial investigation of the silveric titanate nanowire with different silver concentration. The silveric titanate nanowire with only 0.2 mmol/g silver content has outstanding destructive effect on Gram+ and Gram- bacteria and different type of funghi, also.


Fig. 2. Antiseptic effect of Ag-TiONW