Product Development

The staff at Nanobakt Ltd. have many years of experience in nanotechnological research and development as well as manufacturing.

We co-operate closely with our partners:

  • designing the parameters and the manufacturing technologies for new products and the stages applied in the course of product development
  • using up-to-date equipment and laboratory support in the development of prototypes and in carrying out quality tests
  • adapting semi-industrial and industrial manufacturing approaches on the basis of test results and via quality assurance.

In the course of our procedure, we select the appropriate carrier (e.g. nano silver powder with talcum, mixed with pvp) as well as the necessary concentration, amount and mode of addition.

Our goal is to work together with our partners to develop high-quality products and technologies that perfectly meet the demands of the given market at a competitive price.

Designed nanotechnological products are created through test manufacturing conducted in a laboratory environment and – if necessary – both the manufacturing technology and the composition of additives are refined in several stages based on quality assurance data.

By applying our nanotechnological additives and solutions, companies in various branches of industry are able to create new products of a higher quality and in many cases at a more favourable price level than their traditional competitors. Moreover, they have access to features of nanotechnology (e.g. antibacterial paints and PVC flooring) which were previously not achievable at all, and this gives them a significant competitive edge.