Nano Silver Powders

Talcum is widely used as an industrial binder. Not only can it transform the mechanical properties of various plastics, but as a carrier of silver particles, it is also capable of endowing plastic surfaces with antibacterial properties. Nanobakt Ltd. has developed a silver-talcum additive for use in the production of antiseptic polymer surfaces.

The efficiency of this additive was demonstrated via microbiological tests performed on PVC sheets containing silver-talcum added during the manufacturing process. The PVC sheets were coated with a bacterial suspension and following a suitable exposure time the surfaces were put in contact with nutrient substrati to allow bacteria to multiply. The bacteria did not form colonies, which proves that the microbes were destroyed due to silver nanoparticles on the surface of the PVC.


Water-based paints contain harmful preservatives that many companies would gladly substitute with environmentally friendly materials. We are currently in the process of developing a silver-wax additive that will provide antibacterial properties when mixed with paint used on the walls of public institutions, healthcare facilities and even private homes, where it can destroy dangerous bacteria and significantly decrease the risk of infection. In addition to their antiseptic impact, silver nanoparticles can also be applied in additives designed to inhibit the growth of algae, making them an excellent component in paints used for swimming pools and ships.